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Preserve the Unique History of Your Organization

“As oral historian for our series on tribal leaders across the nation, Kay was thorough
in her research and kind in her approach to the material and the people.”

—Kathryn Harrison/Molalla


Corporate Histories
for Small Businesses

Small businesses constitute the backbone of the Oregon economy—our state has more than 90,000 small employers, true even in 2009. Some have been built with the blood, sweat and tears of several generations of family and co-conspirators, and with entrepreneurial imagination often unseen by the town, the city, the data gatherers and the taxman.

I’ve had the thrill of recording and telling the stories of small businesses. I love to help make the history of a small business a seen rather than unseen phenomenon. Such histories AND FAMILY LEGACIES give us examples to live by and confidence in our own entrepreneurial aspirations.


Cloudburst RecyclingCloudburst Recycling
1970s neighborhood idealists create a thriving business


Organizational Histories
for Community Groups

I have served as the oral historian for several major projects in the Pacific Northwest.


Memories of our PastMemories of our Past
Cranberries, Willapa, teachers and fishers: fifteen stories from the Long Beach Peninsula, Washington




Great Tribal LeadersGreat Tribal Leaders
A curriculum based on modern Native Americans speaking about their lives and work




Legacy of Hope

Legacy of Hope
Forgotten voices of social justice in the Oregon Catholic tradition



The Process

If you would like to record the history of your organization or business, please contact me. In an exploratory meeting, we’ll discuss what you aspire to accomplish, just what is important to you, the steps in the process we will undertake, and the final form in which you'd like the record preserved. Every organization and business is unique—the process we work out will be tailored to your needs, desires, budget and schedule.